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About the Group

Our Mission

Bring together entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone interested in either starting a business or taking their business to the next level. We provide a forum for business owners to network and provide valuable resources for moving forward. We are dedicated to helping people find ideas, get motivated, and stay inspired.

Boardroom on the Beach is a group created by Maria Matarelli from Chicago, IL and meets at Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill at Clearwater Beach, Florida. Knowing how tough it can be at times for leaders or business owners, Maria has opened up her Boardroom as a place for people to learn, share ideas, and grow. Due to the popularity of the concept, Maria created a spin off group that meets in a log cabin in Orlando, Florida. Maria also coordinates a yearly Boardroom Cruise and leads a Boardroom Mastermind group for business owners to seriously up their game.

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